Terms & Conditions

A Purchase order is the Buyers acceptance of the Sellers offer of material, service, or work performed. Purchase orders shall become a contract on the terms and conditions stated herein when seller accepts a purchase order by acknowledgement made by seller. No change, modifications, or revisions of a purchase order shall be valid unless in writing signed by the buyer.

During the Purchase Order performance, the buyer reserves the right of access by the Organization, their customers, and authorities to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records. The representative may audit the product, the Quality/Inspection System, and all applicable records to determine compliance with quality and/or purchase requirements. Whenever possible, advanced notification of such visits will be made to avoid schedule disruptions.

The seller is cautioned to examine carefully all referenced documentation that in total describes the product or service, the quality, the records and the controls that are required in order to ensure compliance to the supplemental quality notes as stated in the purchase order.

All items must be suitably prepared (best way) for shipment to secure lowest transportation rates and comply with carrier regulations, otherwise the difference in packing, crating and carriage, as the case may be, will be charged to the seller. No charges will be paid by the buyer for packing, crating or carriage unless stated in the order. Shipments to be forwarded on one day via one route must be consolidated. Economical shipping is expected. Premium shipment requests shall be in writing or stated on purchase order.

Deliveries shall be in accordance with the order schedule and in exact quantities unless specified. If seller's deliveries will not meet schedule, buyer may request seller to ship via routing necessary to meet schedule or recover time lost by non-delivery on schedule; the difference between revised routing and order routing costs shall be paid by the seller. Failure by seller to complete the delivery within the time specified shall, in addition to buyer's other rights and remedies, relieve Buyer of obligation to accept and pay for material or work.


Seller Warrants:

  1. All items delivered under this order will be free of defects in material and workmanship, will conform to all applicable specifications and drawings and, to the extent such items are not manufactured pursuant to detailed designs furnished by the Buyer, will be free from defects in design and suitable for the intended purpose.
  2. Unless otherwise stated on the face of the Purchase Order, all items delivered under PO(s) are new, have not been previously used and are not former Government or surplus property.
  3. All materials herein described and the sale thereof do not, and the use of the same for their intended purposes will not constitute infringement or contributory infringement of any patent, copyright or trademark, or violation of any trade secret; and
  4. In the performance of Purchase Orders, seller has complied or will comply with all applicable Federal, State and local laws and ordinances and all lawful orders, rules and regulations there under. These warranties are in addition to and shall not be construed as restricting or limiting any warranties of Seller, expressed or operation of law. The warranties of Seller and those flowed-up to the Seller, together with its service warranties and guarantees, if any, shall run to Buyer and it's customers.
  5. Supplier shall provide notification immediately to Organization (AAI) of Nonconforming product
  6. Supplier shall make arrangements for Organization approval of supplier's
  7. Seller must notify the Organization of changes in product and/or process definition and, where required, obtain organization approval prior to executing this Purchase Order.
  8. Seller is Required to flow down to all subtier suppliers the requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required. Seller must also notify what process will be sub-contracted and gain approval from the buyer prior to the work being performed.


Items are subject to final inspection/acceptance by Buyer at destination, notwithstanding any prior payment or inspection at source, and such inspection shall be within a reasonable time after delivery. Acceptance of items shall not be deemed to alter obligations of Seller or the rights of Buyer and its inspection sites must be in writing with buyer's concurrence. Further more Seller agrees to supply the following if requested.

  • First Article Inspection Report
  • First Piece for verification Time and place to be predetermined to minimize down time.
  • Evidence of a sampling plan that meets ANSI Z 1.4 If not approval must be given ahead of time.
  • Gage calibration data if requested as it pertains to the measuring device used.


Seller supplied material;

  • Seller to supply original mill certifications, if applicable any secondary certifications for independent testing and or secondary processing certification as required by the specification ordered. Buyer reserves the right to reject the material if it does not meet the specification ordered. Complete Chemical and Physical properties must be included. The term "capable of" is not permitted unless specified by the PO.
  • Whenever possible raw material must be from one Heat Lot. In the event the Heat Lots come from separate sources the Heat lot must be easily and clearly evident in both marking and traceability. This may be in the form of part marking either on the part, if allowed by specification, blueprint, or PO conditions, or on the packaging of the product.


Buyer supplied material;

  • In the event the seller was given material by the buyer for special process, Testing, and/or manufacturing, the seller will not substitute the material provided with other material and or weld fill material unless allowed by Purchase Order.
  • Seller will not subcontract work to another facility without the consent of the buyer for any processing of the material unless it meets the conditions of the Purchase Order.


Seller shall have in place an EH&S policy which covers the following Expectations


1. Workplace Safety

    • No unpleasant odors or chemical mists are present in the air
    • Employees and visitors are provided with proper Personal Protective Equipment and encouraged to be worn at all times when exposed to potential dangers in the workplace
    • Workplace injuries are reported and monitored to prevent re-occurrence.
    • Workplace have a posted evacuation plan and no obstructions are permitted along the escape routes.


2. Applicable National, Regional, State, & Local Laws

    • All pertinent Laws understood and communicated to employees through either Posters, Right-to-know stations, or electronic media available to all employees.
    • Documented process for reporting any applicable non-conformance and a system in place to prevent similar non-conformances from re-occurring.
    • Periodic evaluations to monitor compliance to applicable Laws.


3. Minimal Environmental Impact

    • All Chemicals and wastes are disposed properly. No open dumping or outside storage where leaks to the environment are possible.
    • Maintains a facility with a clean natural environment.
    • Air emissions are not discolored and free of unpleasant odors.
    • No discolored discharge to the waterways

4. Conservation of Resources

    • Energy such as Natural Gas, Electricity, and Water Consumption are monitored and methods in place to monitor and reduce consumption.
    • Waste reduction initiatives implemented throughout manufacturing facilities in order to reduce and conserve resources.


Seller shall furnish a completed Certificate Of Conformance (CofC) with each shipment. The CofC, at minimum is to include the following.

Company (Buyer)
PO (Buyer(s))
Material Traceability number if different from heat number
Part Number & Revision Level
Serial/Lot Number (If Applicable)


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