Environmental Health and Policy
Aerospace Alloys Inc. and its Aquajet Cutting Technology division are committed to Environmental Health & Safety. Aerospace Alloys Inc. goal is to meet or exceed laws and regulations governing Environmental Health & Safety. In order to achieve this goal, AAI's policy extends to all aspects of manufacturing through compliance, education, continuous improvement, and prevention.

AAI continuously monitors Environmental Health & Safety regulations and audits compliance regularly.

All employees are continuously involved in the EH&S policies through wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and reporting unsafe working conditions that could result in injuries and Environmental risks.

Continuous Improvement
Through continually monitoring our EH&S policy and the involvement of all employees we are continuously looking at implementations to improve our commitment to public safety. These actions reduce or eliminate the affect on health and safety of our employees, visitors, and customers. Furthermore, these policies drive to have a minimal impact on the environment at our facility.

Our commitment to the safety of our employee's is to spot dangers before they occur through aggressive TPM audits on equipment. Our commitment to the prevention of spills, contaminants, and particulates that may be released in the environment is at very least captured via filters and other media to eliminate the effect on the environment and exposure to our employees and visitors.


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