Wire & Ram EDM

EDM - Electric Discharge Machining


EDM machining is another service we offer.  Primarily this method is used
for hard metals and for intricate contours and delicate shapes that would be
difficult to cut with other cutting tools.  We offer both types of EDM
machining, Wire and Ram, the primary difference between them involves the
type of electrode used to perform the machining.  The Ram EDM application
uses a graphite electrode and the Wire EDM, as the name implies uses a
special brass wire.


Materials that can be machined with EDM include Alloy X, hardened tool
steel, titanium, carbide, and nickel based alloys.


We have 4 Ram EDM machines that can hold tolerances of up to +/- 0.005 and a
Wire EDM that can hold tolerances of up to +/- .0005.



ram EDM


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