Aerospace Alloys Supplier Gold Award

February 2009

Aerospace Alloys Inc, has achieved UTC Supplier Gold! This program recognizes a supplier for their exceptional performance, which is measured through 100% on-time delivery and quality, assessment that LEAN manufacturing is part of the company’s culture, and customer satisfaction.  

Aerospace Alloys, Inc has over 28 years of experience and is a leader in procuring high performance alloys for the Aerospace, Power Generation, Defense, Naval and Medical Services.  Through value added services, such as abrasive waterjet cutting, milling, electric discharge machining, kitting, shearing and bandsawing we are able to provide our clients with exceptional service.  As an ISO 9001:2000 / AS9100 Rev B Certified company we adhere to the strictest quality standards. 

The journey to Supplier Gold has created a culture within our organization where quality, customer service and continuous improvement are at the forefront of how we conduct business.  We are proud to be recognized for this accomplishment and will continue to sustain and improve our processes to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the materials and services we provide.

Photo Supplier Gold Logo


Aerospace Alloys, Inc
11 Britton Drive
PH: 860-882-0019 / FAX: 860-882-0967